LifeEngage is built for business—it improves sales, gets products to market faster, increases agent effectiveness, reduces customer acquisition costs and delivers the experience and interaction customers expect. One code for multiple platforms makes the platform truly future proof. Introduction of a new sales channel or support for a new device can be handled as they come online.

  • Reduced data entry.
  • Latest content availability.
  • Reduced lead time for application turnaround time with mobile access and in the offline mode.
  • Targeted towards distributors and customers.
  • Providing online and offline capabilities eliminates constraints.
  • Single code working across platforms.
  • Standardized data model to enable faster product setup.
  • Work-bench based product rules and calculations setup.
  • Template-driven forms.
  • Ability to clone products for configuring variants.
  • Enhanced experience across Web and mobile platforms.
  • Performance optimized for both online and offline.
  • Use of global designing models and icons.
  • Multilayered rule framework for smart underwriting at POS to issue clean cases online.
  • Built-in eSignature capabilities, enabling a completely paperless process.
  • STP automation allows underwriters to focus on complex cases.
  • Rule-driven recommendations.
  • Automated workflow management facilitates faster and more accurate decisions.